Oratene® Antiseptic Oral Gel

For Serious Oral Care Conditions

The Oratene Antiseptic Oral Gel is the most potent formulation in the
Oratene product line. Inhibits harmful microbes that cause inflammation
and chronic gum disease.

  • Suitable for use with any species
  • Mild pleasant flavor
  • Does not cause salivation or stain teeth
  • Promotes healthy gum tissue
  • Non toxic
  • Preferred chlorhexidine replacement
  • Apply 1/2" strip to upper and lower gums twice daily, preferably after meals. Continue use for 5-7 days or until condition subsides.
Recommended for use: stomatitis, gingivitis, oral lesions, yeast infections, pre and post surgical producers, post dental prophy.

Oratene Antiseptic Oral Gel
1 oz. tube


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Products do not contain Xylitol, Alcohol, Chlorhexidine, or Chlorine compounds.